In a mess

This whole month that I'm missing from blogging has been nothing but a mess. They aren't entirely bad but they're not as pleasant either. Things looks fine but how true it is deep down? I feel lost. I feel that I've lost myself, that I'm in a mess. I feel drifted from everything. Things seems so near yet so distanced away from me. I don't exactly know how to put those feelings into words. Everything just seems wrong and I'm exhausted. Exhausted from putting up a strong font and acting like everything's in control but truth is, I've no idea how everything's gonna be. I feel like I'm running of time in everything. I wish I can find myself and have this sorted.

P/s: I know I said I'll be back soon but my phone's currently down and all the pictures are inside. I'm currently using my Mum's note which is big and not convenient as hell. Can't wait to have my phone back


Sunday thoughts: so many things going through my mind and every word found in dictionary is an understatement of how I really feel.. But oh well, everything happens for a reason so I should and I know I have to be positive:)

But honestly can't believe that intern is really starting tomorrow. Thought I could pen down my thoughts before intern starts but I spent those time sorting out my mind instead. I'll be back soon, I promise! Anyway, wish me luck for the first day of intern! Hope it's 5 months of fun and I can't believe I'm going with this hair color of mine hahaha well, let's just see how it goes :p

Fat boys

I always feel at ease when I'm blogging but always feeling guilty when I left this space dying. But well, last lap for school has been really really hectic.. 2 test on the same week after all the presentations and just when I thought I can be free for a tiny bit comes along an individual assignment which I got stuck and spent my whole weekends doing...  But yay! I finally have a tiny bit of time before I'll have to study (again) for my very last paper on 27th August... So here goes!

!!! Look at the cheeZeeeeee!! zomg !!!

It's my first time here and I personally think it's a better experience than The brat (which I previously talked about. You can check it out here). Boy had The YOLO burger while I gotten myself Royale with Cheese. I topped up $0.30 to change my bun to honey oat bun. And I also requested for Wasabi instead of the original BBQ sauce because I wasn't a fan of BBQ.

My view? Hm I like how it taste and there's a variety of choice so I don't feel restricted. What's more they offer DIY so you can actually choose what u want and get your very own burger!! The price was pretty decent too. Overall experience was good but one thing I didn't enjoy was the cheese stick in the YOLO burger! Feels like they have fried it for a really long time before serving because it was damn hard and the crumbs was super soggy:( If only it's freshly fried!

Alright I'll probably be back after my final paper! In the mean time do remember to check out my Trapped post as there are exciting deal for you readers! (Hint: free ticket!) Don't say I didn't share ok! xx

Snap stories

School's been pretty hectic lately and especially with all the project submissions.. so many things happening at once that I'm about to lose my soul. Anyway, here are some snapchat stories that I saved over the past week or so! Been pretty active on snapchat so do add me up to see my mundane life Snapchat: @yilinxz

excuse me Sir who you humping

Do remember to fill your tummies up even when you're stress, like me haha! Ok till next time! x

Friday twinning

Bare face on Friday because 8am classes are such a torture! Pictures above depicts how I'm like 99% of the time while trying to take a pic haha! Twinning outfit with ze babe again because we can and isn't it cool to have someone that shares the same style as you? Love how we always bought the same style of clothes by pure coincidence! I'm not saying that we're totally identical. It's like same same but different y'know? Anyhow and anyway, cheers to more twinning outfits with her x 

Mid-week culottes

Don't know if it's just me but I find culottes really easy to match with. I mean you can just pair it with a spag top/crop shirt/t-shirt (or anything you like) and you're good to go! Furthermore it is really soft so you can stay comfortable and still look stylish! Conclusion: culottes is a must have item in every girl's closet!

I couldn't be any happier when ze babe told me that she gotten herself a culottes because that would mean that we can have matchy outfits together!

Here's how we style our pair of culottes! How about you guys? What would you pair it with? It'd be cool to share your views with me! Alright ending with a pic of me and my favourite Pooh. This mischievous one refused to hold my hand hmph!